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Jeep Spotter’s Guide (VIDEO)

If you can't tell DJs (2WD variant of the CJ) from PJs (the clothes you wear to bed), this is the video for you. Watch as Nick quickly walks you through identifying features of the Jeep. He covers the major iterations of America's 4x4. Become a Wrangler expert in no...

Does your shop handle performance work?

If you turn wrenches for a living, odds are good you’ve either hopped up your own ride at some point or had someone ask you to hotrod theirs. (Or maybe you’ve done it virtually.) The work is often fun and rewarding on a Saturday afternoon. But in the shop? There are a...

Schedule more work by improving the life of the waiters

Everyone else knows a “waiter” as someone who brings you a burger. You and I, however, know a waiter to be a customer stranded in your customer lounge. Making waiting less painful can increase the likelihood folks schedule service. That seems pretty basic to me, but...

What’s in your toolbox?

Tools help ya earn your bread, which is why most automotive technicians have more than a passing interest in them. What brands do you buy? What do you buy, and what do you expect the boss to provide? Do you run a tab on the tool truck? Two Dormanites hash some of...

October Automotive Horoscopes

Aries: You will be where you are supposed to be, even if you aren't there now. When you’re undercar, rely upon intuition—and don’t forget the importance of timing. Keep the faith, because your goal is closer than you thought. Avoid Leo. This service writer is bound to...


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