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Book Review: “Car: A Drama of the American Workplace”

We’ve all taken a step back from a vehicle, groaned, and asked why-oh-why did they do it like this. Car: A Drama of the American Workplace helps answer that question. Mary Walton, the author, was embedded within Ford with what appears to me to have been excellent...

Fire the parts cannon! Is shotgun diag ever acceptable? (VIDEO)

Anyone who's turned wrenches knows at least one "spray 'n' pray" technician. Just keep throwing parts at the car until the Check Engine light goes off, right? But where does good intuition meet good guessing? What do you do when a flowchart suggests replacement of...

Trailer bearings: a hidden moneymaker for auto repair shops

You already can see where I’m going with this based on the title. Trailers are the simplest things in the world, and yet unless you’re at an RV shop, a dedicated trailer shop, or you live in a rural or coastal area (ag and marine use), you probably rarely see trailers...

What it’s like being a new tech in 2022 (VIDEO)

Torque specs. Electronics diagnostics. Foreign automobiles. 12V electrical systems. TPMS sensors. Disc brakes. 0W16 oil. All of the aforementioned technologies were changes that occurred in the automotive industry that changed the business and altered what techs...

It’s time to stop salting the roads

  I was just thinking today that my “fun vehicle” window is closing soon; this is the period of the year where I’ll drive or ride anything I own. Old vehicles don’t stand a chance in the salt belt. Anyone I know who has anything nice keeps it far away from...


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