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The pros (and more than a few cons) of chrome

My Shop Press colleague Lemmy and I have had an ongoing debate about chrome. Since I’m a lover of antique cars, particularly Tri-Five Chevys, you can guess that I’m a pretty big fan of chrome. I think it makes any car look luxurious and stylish. Lemmy, on the other...

PSA: Make sure your Loctite isn’t fake!

Loctite’s threadlocking compounds are used by automotive professionals everywhere to secure critical fasteners. Unfortunately, Loctite's popularity has resulted in a wave of counterfeit products that can look remarkably like the real deal. Everything from the bottle,...

TECHNICIAN CHALLENGE: Can you identify these dash lights? (VIDEO)

Description Think you know your dash lights? Shop Press contributors Keith, Miriam, Chris, and Greaser try their best to identify all kinds of lights, symbols, and indicators. Some are easy, others obscure, and a few are even fakes. How many can you identify?

Dash warning lights: feature or bug?

Warning lights are something we’re all familiar with—all too often, they’re the reason a customer steps into your shop. Mechanics of a certain age will remember a time when the phrase “idiot light” was used to describe a dash light. The derisive term referred to the...

PSA: Check that cabin air filter

Most of us know that we should change the filter in our home heating and air conditioning system monthly, but why? What does it do? The role of the filter is twofold. First, it traps dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen and other allergens and helps keep the air you’re...

The most entertaining social media accounts to follow for car enthusiasts in 2023

by | May 30, 2023

Everyone likes informative, interesting, or funny social media accounts. Here are a few entertaining ones about cars and the people who drive them. And don’t forget to follow us, too, at the following accounts:

Obscure Cars Daily
Obscure Cars Daily covers (you guessed it!) obscure cars, featuring photos and video of unusual cars ranging from classics to restomods. They even cover obscure car meets, like this video from Pittsburgh’s North Side Coffee & Cars.

ChrisFix also makes car repair videos for YouTube, although he makes videos on other related topics as well, like how to replace your entire driveway and what it takes to race a $500 car for 24 hours. He promises daily updates on his Instagram, where he also posts about drifting his Mustang and mechanic memes.

Supercar Fails
If you like to hate-scroll on supercars, this is the account for you. It features lots of photos and videos of street-legal, high-performance exotics smashed, on fire, flooded, and more. Responsibly, they don’t post any serious or fatal crashes, so you can enjoy your schadenfreude with a clear conscience while you’re watching Mustang drivers do Mustang things.

Antique Truck Club of America (ATCA)
ATCA is the premier organization for collectors and lovers of antique, vintage, and classic trucks, so if you’re looking for photos of Crosley trucks at a car show, this is the account for you.

All Jacked Up ATVs
The name says is all: if you’re looking for jacked up quads, here you go.

Scott Brown
Photographer Scott Brown shoots antiques, so if you’re looking for artsy photos of vehicles from the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s, this is the account for you. For me personally, this is right up my alley.

Blake 4 Life
Blake 4 Life posts antique and classic vehicles. Here you’ll mainly find trucks, although there are cars and vans as well. The shots aren’t as artsy as Scott Brown’s, so if you’re looking for something less pretentious, this is for you.

Petrolicious is dedicated to quality, original videos and articles for car enthusiasts, with a focus on both classics and racing. They have many documentaries on car history and interviews with collectors. Both their Instagram and YouTube are worth follows.

The Smoking Tire
The Smoking Tire is a podcast and YouTube channel from Matt Farah, Editor-at-Large for Road & Track. As you would expect, it features a lot of automotive video reviews, but there’s a lot of other automotive-related content as well.

Wataru Kato
Wataru Kato is the founder of Liberty Walk, a Japanese company that specializes in widebody supercars. Of course, widebody kits are controversial, as some purists think they ruin the supercars and destroy the chance of these high-performance cars ever being raced. But if you’re into widebodies, Wataru’s accounts are good ones to follow for photos and videos of those cars, as well as other vehicles.

Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) racing, a.k.a. the German Touring Car series, hasn’t launched a North American series yet, despite attempts to do so since 2015. As such, it hasn’t really taken off here in the States. However, if you’re into DTM racing, or just interested in getting into it, there’s no better place to start than the official DTM Instagram account.

Humble Mechanic
Humble Mechanic is a YouTube channel from a master certified VW tech about cars, car parts, and DIY videos. He also does videos for aspiring mechanics on how to get started. His Instagram and Facebook are also good follows for additional photos or videos related to his YouTube videos, or other mechanic-related content, like this pet peeve about hood cables.

Ken Gushi
Ken Gushi is one of the best Japanese drifters. If you want to see nice photos of drift cars or some sweet tandem videos, this is a great account to follow.

Automobile Concepts
If you want to check out some cool prototype cars from the past, this is the account to follow. Many of the posts have a lot of information on the story behind the show vehicle, so you can get a little history lesson as well!

Michael Shaffer
Michael Shaffer is a professional photographer who used to work at Automobile and MotorTrend. If you want to see some gorgeous shots of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Mercedes-AMGs, this is the account for you.

Amy Shore
Amy Shore is another professional photographer, but based in the U.K., so you’re going to get a lot of stunning photos of new and old Aston Martins, Bentleys, and Jaguars here.

Robin Trajano
Robin Trajano is an LA-based automotive photographer whose clients include Mercedes-Benz, Kia, and Porsche. Follow this account for some sweet shots of those makes, including these shots of the crazy-looking Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR.

Michael Kübler
Michael Kübler is an engine-builder at Mercedes-AMG, so if you want some nice photos of Mercedes-AMGs, as well as some very detailed information on their engines, you’ll want to follow his account.

Club Mulholland
Club Mulholland is a luxury automotive club based just north of London, so if you want to see some beautiful shots of Ferraris, Porsches, and McLarens in the British countryside or across Europe, this is the place. They also have a YouTube account where they document their tours and track days.

Pancho Macho
No, I’m not going to leave out choppers! If you want to browse some nice shots of classic ’70s- and ’80s-inspired motorcycles, Pancho Macho has you covered. Follow him for your Knuck/Pan/Shovelhead fixes.

Carlos Lago
Carlos Lago currently writes about cars for Car and Driver, and has written in the past for MotorTrend and Edmunds. Follow his Instagram for the photos he takes as he’s test driving cars or covering racing events.

Dorman Partners

In the interest of disclosure, please note that Dorman Products has business relationships with the following accounts.

Corey LaJoie
Corey LaJoie is a NASCAR Cup Series driver. His social accounts track his racing progress, the work on his car in the shop, and behind-the-scenes photos and videos. And he recently had a career-best finish at Atlanta Motor Speedway!

Sally McNulty
Sally McNulty races in Touring Car America. Follow her social media accounts for progress on her racing career, or for photos and videos of her collecting and building Hondas.

Rich Whiteman
Rich Whiteman has been drifting for over eight years and began competing in 2019. While building his skills over the years, he has gotten the opportunity to tandem with many legendary drivers, like Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gitten Jr., and Yoshinori Koguchi. Check out his Instagram for snappy transitions and high-speed entries.

If you know of other quality car-related social media accounts that I missed, tell me in the comments!

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