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Technicians vs. DIYers: How well can you gauge tire pressure? (VIDEO)

Description After seating the bead on a new tire, the valve core needs to be installed and the tire inflated to the correct pressure. Some techs can air up a tire, install the core and land right on the target final pressure… but it’s not as easy as it looks. In this...

Smarter, not harder: relative compression testing

Pete Meier, one of our Dorman Training Center instructors, is a pretty smart cat. Since the day I’ve met him, he’s made it clear that the lab scope is one of his favorite tools and that not using one is a mistake. Now I’ve put a lot of miles on my DVOM over the years,...

Can’t break that crank bolt loose? You need a crank socket (VIDEO)

How to test for blown fuses in a car or truck | Fast and easy method Description Crank fasteners are often a real pain to remove. And sometimes, even expensive impact wrenches and large breaker bars struggle to remove them. A crank socket is just the ticket for these...

So you want to restore a classic or build a kit car? Think twice.

For reasons that have more to do with personality than pragmatism, I recently considered anew the possibility of restoring a classic car, or perhaps building a kit car. It’s an itch I’ve thought about scratching since the days when Popular Mechanics regularly featured...

EGR system – ASE practice questions (VIDEO)

Description Under what conditions would the EGR system be expected to be operational?A) Cold engine, full throttle B) Hot engine, idle C) Hot engine, full throttle D) Hot engine, part throttleMore ASE Practice Questions

A low-tech favor you can perform for every customer (and yourself)

In the modern age, it’s plenty easy to pull a vehicle’s service history; even the smallest shops have implemented shop management software. Paper tracking has become less and less important as time has marched on. Similarly, customers are less and less likely to keep...

January Automotive Horoscopes

by | Jan 10, 2023

Aries: You may not think of some of your repairs as innovative, but a creative fix is a creative fix. Your outlook is out there, and that’s OK. Expect to see someone else cribbing your notes but remember to take it as flattery. Not everyone has the same gift of seeing things from your unique perspective. You attract attention. Use it to your advantage but expect a stubborn Capricorn to stand in your way.

Taurus: You’re on your own now, but you’re prepared. A new love interest comes along—keep your eye out for an earth sign. (Another Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo.) You can look at things as setbacks or opportunities, and your outlook this month will determine what those things actually become. January is the time you’ll look back on as the moment you decided to finally act your age. Don’t get overconfident, though, as financial matters still need oversight and prudence.

Gemini: Civics may not have been your thing in high school, but your workplace needs a leader. Stop pushing away new hires; bring them under your wing. Allow a richer professional life to spill into your home and see the benefits and blessings shower down upon you. If you happen to be on the counter, remember the catalog doesn’t hold all the answers. Get up off your stool, pull the part off the shelf, and educate yourself.

Cancer: Way to go! This is the month you smoke everyone in the shop on hours and find a few causes of hard-to-diag cars. Take your bows and the accolades, but don’t be boorish. (Well, at least not with people who don’t deserve it. Gloat as little as you can, and where appropriate.) You might have a run-in with a Capricorn soon, an old friend you’ve not seen in a while. This could be the perfect opportunity to rekindle a long-forgotten business plan.

Leo: You may find material possessions are of little import to you at this time and intangibles like passion, energy, and innovation are far more valuable in your mind this month, but it may manifest itself as restlessness. You’ll need to both avoid a Virgo who causes tension constantly and think back to the simpler parts of your life, when happiness required less complexity, money, and power. Be careful of the new moon this month; that’s when things could get dicey around the service desk.

Virgo: A big life change is happening right now; someone at the other end of the birth chart (a Pisces) is making his or her presence known—but it’s not a bad thing at all. It’s going to take some studying to know how to react; use your noodle and keep your eyes open and things should work out just fine. If this happens to be a romantic interlude, look before you leap. It’s entirely possible to say things in an instant that alter relationships permanently. A piece of electrical equipment is going to give you trouble this month, too.

Libra: Sic pacem, para bellum. It’s gonna be a tough month. The service advisor and service writer are in cahoots, and serious accusations will be leveled against you. Deflect that negative energy; permit them to speak. Let the vitriol linger. There’s no point in dignifying things with a response nor denying what is untrue. Conflict brings out the worst in people. Navigate as skillfully as you can and don’t fret over that which you can’t control. Get through the traffic and you’ve got wide-open road ahead.

Scorpio: Yeah, you’ve been killing it as of late. But you’re now beginning to rest on your laurels, which feels good, but isn’t good for you. Keep it up and you’re liable to miss good work coming in, fun experiences, and maybe the chance to work on a car a little outside your skillset that has valuable lessons to teach you. You’ve been checked out, but maybe it’s time to clock in and see what’s in store. Remember, to everything there is a season.

Sagittarius: There’s a difference between putting something on the back burner and taking it off the stove—the back burner keeps things hot still. Give yourself adequate time to work and to play—if something requires extra hours undercar, be sure to shortchange something else so you don’t shortchange yourself. Keep an eye out for the crescent moon; this should be an exceptionally fertile time for you according to the lunar cycle.

Capricorn: Trust your gut, even if naysayers are yelling loud enough you can’t hear yourself think. Beware of faulty parts—one is likely to cause some pain for you. While a little self-doubt is normal, don’t be too skeptical of yourself—pobody’s nerfect, not even you, nor are you expected to be. Bossman is going to lean on you hard in January, but remember he cares about you and wants you to succeed, because if you lose, he loses bigger. You’ll have smooth sailing with the fam this January, though, so the weekends are something to relish.

Aquarius: Opposites attract, but lately you’ve seen some pretty polar forces pushing each other away, and it’s likely you’re involved. But that other force is a Leo, which is to be expected. If you’re not one of the forces, you might think about either introducing the parties or maybe starting afresh; the lunar cycle is pointing strongly to the value of new beginnings. This could be in the shop or the bedroom, mind you—this situation will play out very differently for Aquariuses depending on one’s natal chart. In any event, you’re likely to come out on top, even if you’re not one of these strong players. The sky is the limit with this brewing, so don’t accidentally limit yourself, and if this is a business venture, the more the merrier—especially as it applies to capital.

Pisces: It really is the little things in life, don’t forget that. Pressures will rise, but don’t forget that pressure creates gemstones. Why not host an event with old friends and new? Help a friend with some automotive work outside the shop; it’s surprising how the same old thing in a new venue with new faces can invigorate your passion for your own work, and it feels good to help someone with a project. Be nice to the parts man—he’s going to bail you out big time this month.

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