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Geography by way of fittings and couplers

As a little mechaniclet, I didn’t really give much thought to my air tool fittings or their air lines. Yes, the type of tool, the amount of air moving through the lines, and the distance from the compressor are all variables that determine how well a tool might work,...

How accurately can you torque a fastener? (VIDEO)

What do you get when you combine a bunch of cutthroat techs, a few fasteners and tools, and a device capable of measuring torque accurately? You get a competition. See who's got the best-calibrated arm in the Dorman Proving Grounds, and when you're done, set up...

Hidden external speakers are changing the soundscape of our streets

For more than a century now, people have been getting used to what it sounds like living around machines powered by explosions. The soundscapes of our roads, parking lots, communities and cities are filled with the familiar noises from engines and exhaust pipes. Of...

What type of part should you use to repair a car?

Today Greaser joins Nick as they discuss rebuilding, repairing, and replacing parts and which items they select for each job. Nick manages the Dorman Proving grounds and has owned his own performance shop. Andy is bringing a new perspective to the table today as a...

Is side work OK for service techs?

Do you do side work? If you do, is that OK? There are tons of reasons for and against doing work outside the shop. I think my views have changed a little as I’ve been in the game a little longer, but this aspect of the job is contentious. I’ve heard various rationale,...

Ranking the best fictional TV mechanics

TV and automobiles were both major forces in America in the mid- to late-20th century, so it’s perhaps no surprise that mechanics are regular characters throughout the history of television. But which ones are the best? Let’s find out with this completely unscientific...

Jeep Spotter’s Guide (VIDEO)

If you can't tell DJs (2WD variant of the CJ) from PJs (the clothes you wear to bed), this is the video for you. Watch as Nick quickly walks you through identifying features of the Jeep. He covers the major iterations of America's 4x4. Become a Wrangler expert in no...

November Automotive Horoscopes

by | Nov 15, 2022

Aries: You’ve been stubborn lately, but that’s not always profitable, especially with diag work. You’ve been footloose and fancy-free, doing whatever you want. That has to stop due to financial constraints. Deal with your unresolved monetary issues; the shop’s success may hinge on your fiscal responsibility or lack thereof. The next lunar phase is going to be perfect for getting your financial house in order fully—lay the groundwork now.

Taurus: You gonna commit to this relationship to which you’ve paid lip service or what? Previous issues you’ve seen before crop up again with the shop foreman. Now you’re doubting some things and you’re afraid the walls are going to close in on you at your shop. Relax! If you say your piece, you’re highly likely to put yourself behind the eight ball. Cement that relationship, keep your head down, and give your leader a chance to lead.

Gemini: It’s a beautiful morning, Gemini. Everyone knows you’re an ideals person, refusing to have your wings clipped and doing whatever YOU wanna do in the bay. Have you considered playing as a part of the team, though? You can have lofty expectations and goals and simultaneously move some cars through. It’s easiest to maintain exacting standards when your output is higher than everyone else’s.

Cancer: Look, everyone wants to read something interesting in their horoscope, but you know what? This is gonna be a forgettable month for you. With the exception of a nosy Pisces who can’t mind his business, this will be one of those months that just goes by in a blur that you can’t even remember in five years. That’s OK, though. Quiet times of the year are good for all of us, and you’re no different. Make sure you get your chores finished.

Leo: First, buy a new tool or two and stop blowing money on breakfast and lunch at work. Secondly, stop relying on others—you can’t be happy with a sweetie if you’re not happy without a sweetie, and that goes double if you’ve got an independent partner, like a Capricorn or a Gemini. This will prove to be a lean month: don’t turn your nose up at rotations and oil changes.

Virgo: Yeah, it stinks watching your kids make mistakes you’ve made, but you better hold your tongue. Maybe find out why it bothers you so much. Take a moment to reflect. Expect news of a financial windfall that’s not paid out immediately.

Libra: Good for you for being happy. Remember to give yourself the gift of time. Slow down; money isn’t the only thing sustaining you. That happiness came from balancing your life a bit; keep the momentum going. You’ll witness something deadly soon, perhaps a mistake, but no hair from your head will be harmed.

Scorpio: Tension and strife inbound, Scorpio. Family life and work are both about to be fraught with those who fear your temper, but don’t shy away from that. There’s a Virgo who rattles your cage who needs to be put in his place. Strike first and ask follow-up questions later; time is absolutely of the essence here.

Sagittarius: Last month was tough, but you overcame. Settle in for some R&R—but that’s going to be a struggle; the shop leans on you harder than they should. Expect a stack of RO’s coming for a while—and ignore them once you’ve put in a solid workday. A day away beats a day in the bay. Fishing can’t wait.

Capricorn: Clean out your toolbox literally and figuratively. There’s much in there that you need and can’t find, plenty of detritus, and some things that can’t help you, but would be perfect for the one you mentor. Don’t be thin-skinned, but don’t ignore negative criticism, either. It’s not always easy to hear. Marinate on it a bit. Make that move on the potential lover you’ve been mulling over.

Aquarius: Your love life is gonna get messy, and that’s mostly not your fault. However, this is what it is to be in a relationship. Maybe picking up some extra hours or coming in on a day off is a way to minimize presence and thus friction—and you might find something you’ve been looking for. Complete your winter preparations and celebrate the rising mourning moon.

Pisces: You gotta believe in yourself! Drop the imposter syndrome thing. You have tools and you a brain and two hands. Take care of your mind like you take care of your body. Put good thoughts in that head of yours and watch as the tickets come and go. Watch out for a Sagittarius trying to trip you up. The early full moon this month means you may find yourself ruminating on a loss.

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