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Catalytic converters are the coolest car parts that get no respect

The air in Detroit during the 1960s was so polluted that mothers were scared for their children to play outside. In certain places, you couldn’t see the sun at noon, and buildings had to be cleaned or repainted every six months. Some people wrote letters to...

Is perseverance in the service bay a feature or a bug?

I am a proficient mechanic. I have long said my proficiency comes partially from skill, but mostly I’ve achieved good results due to my perseverance. I am generally unwilling to toss in the towel on something until it works correctly. “Too stupid to know when to quit”...

May Automotive Horoscopes

Aries: Your service writer will be keeping you busy this month, and you’ll need to keep your focus to avoid burnout. Pay special attention to the effects of distractions around you. Some coworkers have a way of keeping you from your work for a little longer than you...

Right to Repair gains momentum in Maine

The state motto of Maine, “Dirigo,” Latin for “I lead,” is being embraced by the members of the Maine Right to Repair Coalition who find themselves at the vanguard of a movement to ratify legislation that protects independent repair shops. Last February, a referendum...

Tool review: ICON 3/8” ratchet

About a year ago, I was reefing on some fastener, and my trusty old Armstrong ratchet let go and spun free. It did it again a few bolts later, and at that point I set the tool down before I got hurt. I had purchased a few 3/8” ratchets years earlier after some junkers...

The best mechanic social media accounts to follow in 2023

by | Apr 27, 2023

Everyone likes informative, interesting, or funny social media accounts. Here are a few entertaining ones about cars and the people who repair them. And don’t forget to follow us, too, at the following accounts:

MotorCity Mechanic
MotorCity Mechanic makes car repair videos for YouTube, and his Instagram is a good place to get a preview of his upcoming videos or just peruse some interesting related info, like this valid point about dangerous ball joint threading, due to drivers trying to make a certain size rim and tire combo fit their vehicle.

ChrisFix also makes car repair videos for YouTube, although he makes videos on other related topics as well, like how to replace your entire driveway and what it takes to race a $500 car for 24 hours. He promises daily updates on his Instagram, where he also posts about drifting his Mustang and mechanic memes.

Mechanic’s Life
Mechanic’s Life is an Instagram account dedicated to mechanic and car memes. As with most accounts of this nature, it’s a meme aggregator and they’re good about crediting the original poster. So following this account will lead you to other similarly-themed accounts, if you’re looking for more shop humor like this possum popping out of a car in the shop.

Rodswapper is “Instagram’s original hotrod and customs swap meet.” If you’re looking for some old cars that can be had for cheap and fixed up, or if you just want to look at photos of them and drool over what you could do to fix them up, this is the account for you. Personally, I’m a fan of this 1932 Ford Tudor sedan body.

Garage 54
For something a little different, Garage 54 is an account from Russia that specializes in “what if” and “why not” mods and experiments, such as this attempt to cut a head gasket out of copper sheet.

SuperFastMatt is an automotive engineer who has worked for Tesla and NASCAR. He has videos on preparing a Toyota 4Runner for overlanding, putting a motorcycle engine into a car, off-roading impractical vehicles, as well as general videos discussing the automotive industry. His Instagram account is also a good follow for additional mechanic-related photos and videos.

Vice Grip Garage
Vice Grip Garage features budget builds, rescues, and how-tos for classic cars and trucks, muscle cars, rat rods, motorcycles, and even tractors. Their Instagram and Facebook accounts are also good follows for more restorations.

South Main Auto Repair
South Main Auto Repair is a small town three bay shop in upstate NY where they repair domestic and foreign cars and light trucks. Their YouTube channel includes videos highlighting the day-to-day work they’re doing, from a 2015 Cadillac ATS 2.5 Luxury engine replacement to fixing a 2010 Nissan Rogue that keeps blowing the fuse for the marker lights. Their Instagram has additional photos and videos from what’s shown on their YouTube channel, including this photo from the Cadillac engine replacement.

Eric the Car Guy
On Eric the Car Guy’s YouTube channel, he covers everything from how-to auto repair to installing vehicle mods to build a killer street machine. He features content focusing on engines, engine performance, automotive electrical, brakes, suspensions, transmissions, HVAC, vehicle mods, and more. His Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are also good follows for additional info on his YouTube videos or other posts that mechanics can relate to, like losing 10mm sockets.

Humble Mechanic
Humble Mechanic is a YouTube channel from a master certified VW tech about cars, car parts, and DIY videos. He also does videos for aspiring mechanics on how to get started. His Instagram and Facebook are also good follows for additional photos or videos related to his YouTube videos, or other mechanic-related content, like this pet peeve about hood cables.

Dorman Partners

In the interest of disclosure, please note that Dorman Products has business relationships with the following accounts.

Stay Tuned
Tony Angelo is a former pro drift racer and stunt driver, the former host of “Hot Rod Garage” on MotorTrend, and frequent contributor to the show “Roadkill.” His own video series “Stay Tuned” started out on YouTube, but recently moved to Hagerty Media.

In the Shop
Nathan Ruest has been an automotive and diesel technician for 16 years. On his YouTube channel, he teaches viewers to fix cars and trucks or posts videos from car shows, like the Dirty South Showdown.

Six Speed Official
Aamir is a mechanical engineer whose Instagram and TikTok shows engine rebuilds, how to prep a car for drag racing, how to replace valve covers, and more.

If you know of other quality mechanic-related social media accounts that I missed, tell me in the comments!

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