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Catalytic converters are the coolest car parts that get no respect

The air in Detroit during the 1960s was so polluted that mothers were scared for their children to play outside. In certain places, you couldn’t see the sun at noon, and buildings had to be cleaned or repainted every six months. Some people wrote letters to...

Is perseverance in the service bay a feature or a bug?

I am a proficient mechanic. I have long said my proficiency comes partially from skill, but mostly I’ve achieved good results due to my perseverance. I am generally unwilling to toss in the towel on something until it works correctly. “Too stupid to know when to quit”...

May Automotive Horoscopes

Aries: Your service writer will be keeping you busy this month, and you’ll need to keep your focus to avoid burnout. Pay special attention to the effects of distractions around you. Some coworkers have a way of keeping you from your work for a little longer than you...

Right to Repair gains momentum in Maine

The state motto of Maine, “Dirigo,” Latin for “I lead,” is being embraced by the members of the Maine Right to Repair Coalition who find themselves at the vanguard of a movement to ratify legislation that protects independent repair shops. Last February, a referendum...

Tool review: ICON 3/8” ratchet

About a year ago, I was reefing on some fastener, and my trusty old Armstrong ratchet let go and spun free. It did it again a few bolts later, and at that point I set the tool down before I got hurt. I had purchased a few 3/8” ratchets years earlier after some junkers...

Should a repair shop be liable for fixing a vehicle involved in a hit and run?

by | Apr 12, 2022

In 2016, 8-year-old Jayanna Powell was killed by a car while walking home from school. The driver fled, and had an accomplice take his damaged Nissan Altima to a body shop in the next county. The shop owner called the police after seeing on TV that they were looking for the vehicle, leading to the driver’s arrest and conviction.

That inspired Pennsylvania lawmakers to recently introduce a bill that would create a system for notifying repair shops of vehicles involved in a serious hit and run accident. If the shop owner gets the notification and doesn’t report a vehicle, they would then be committing a misdemeanor that carries a fine and/or jail time.

“I’ve seen it in my last law enforcement career where someone gets involved in an illegal hit and run and they try to go to a body shop and do a quick cash deal,” a Pennyslvania lawmaker and former U.S. marshal told The Patriot-News. “This kind of holds those body shops to account and I think ultimately will be a very good thing for our law enforcement community.”

The bill doesn’t say exactly how the system would work, but directs the state’s Department of Transportation to develop it. However, some organizations voiced concern about the need to create another alert system like AMBER Alerts, and whether it’s fair to make shop owners responsible. The executive director for the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Pennsylvania – an association representing collision, towing and repair shops – pointed out that owners aren’t always present at their shop, but could be held liable if one of their employees fixes a vehicle without checking the system.

The bill is now set to be considered by the full Pennsylvania Senate. You can learn more and check for updates here.

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