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Several tips to make brake line removal less of a headache

“Got a seven-foot section of brake line out without dropping the tank, cutting the line, or ruining a fitting. Today was a good day.” I sent that text to a friend of mine the other day. In a past life he was a wrench at a Cadillac dealer, so I think he sort of...

A comprehensive primer on the automotive right to repair debate

I began my wrench-turning career back in the late ‘70s when cars still used carbureted engines with mechanical points ignition systems. I’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of what once were primarily mechanical systems controlling major engine and vehicle functions...

What is the best type of air filter? (VIDEO)

Description Air filter elements come in a variety of shapes and designs, but which one is right for you? Nick and Greaser discuss the advantages and drawbacks of three air filter designs, including filtration effectiveness, airflow, serviceability, overall size, and...

The one part of the car you’ll never install for a customer

The title is a bit clickbait-y, but I won’t drag this out. Let me tell you about a part you’ll never get a repair customer to buy willingly: the hood strut.Photo: Mike Apice.How many times have you been working on something, and the hood comes down and clonks ya right...

December Automotive Horoscopes

by | Dec 20, 2022

Aries: The shop has a somber attitude, so tone down the practical jokes on a friend. Stick close to home and get your chores done. Now is the time to to start thinking about spring tasks. Have you started seedlings for the garden yet? Restraint pays dividends this month. Watch out for a Sagittarius trying to knock you down.

Taurus: You have the tendency to take things overboard—life’s a roller-coaster in your bay. Take a chill pill. Does that car really need to fixed right now?. Make sure that all your actions are measured and well thought out. Control your emotions before you speak—your employment may depend on it.

Gemini: Take care of yourself, Gemini. Mind your creditors and clean up any loose ends in your love life. If you happen to work a parts counter, expect a real big sale this month that helps the paycheck. key as always, but it’s eespecially important this month with a junior worker who looks to you for guidance.

Cancer: Be bold. Be cocky, even. Your stability allows exploration and risk-taking. Wield your power, and rely on your judgment—not every IPD is correct, and you’ll find an inconsistency between what the book says and what you actually find. Was the mistake made in the factory or at the technical writer’s desk? You’ll find out before the end of the year.

Leo: OK, Leo, you bought those new tools last month, right? Why don’t you get started on that project car or sell the thing off. And if you do it, do it right. Are you really going to just spiff it up and hope the mechanicals are in good shape? Go through it correctly—your safety matters here. Think through the project and plan out the work. The brakes are going to yield a surprise. Life should be pretty manageable these days—if you can stay focused. Virgo scores a win.

Virgo: Clear your bay each day, Virgo, so you can be ready for new work each morning—this is part of why you aren’t flagging very many hours. Interpret, plan, execute. Don’t fritter time away, and also be aware of what your body is telling you. Slow down and go the extra mile for your customers, because little niceties are badly needed by those you serve.

Libra: Take a day off. Take a load off, because you deserve a break! Once you’re rejuvenated, consider all the possible outcomes of your next course of action before setting out. Be decisive. No hand-wringing. Rack your cars carefully; the last close call was perhaps too close.

Scorpio: Continue your progress. Your previous observations and analysis may just pay off. The table has been set, so to speak, so put that information to good use. Be confident and strong in your romantic endeavors—the right thing is often painful. A gentle touch throughout the month will be profitable. Taurus has a surprising rising sign as well as a laugh at your expense.

Sagittarius: You’ll be richly rewarded for a measured approach in all things this month, Sagittarius, but it may be difficult getting started. Use the slow season in the shop to outline your plan; be optimistic,but keep at least one foot firmly grounded in reality, if not both. Your conservative outlook will gather quiet support from strong leaders around you. Eyes on the prize.

Capricorn: Harness your anger, Capricorn. Introspective. Realistic. Thoughtful. These are your watchwords. Don’t get carried away with worst-case scenarios. Did you check the ground path? The fuses? The silly little things that are easy to blow past? Take a long look in the mirror and ask if you’re really doing your very best. Higher highs come with lower lows, and parachutes are not provided. Start sewing now and be prepared to finish yours on the way down. Get all the facts straight before you shoot your mouth off.

Aquarius: Your romantic troubles have hopefully smoothed out a bit. Tone down the opulence and flamboyance for a little while; concentrate on the task at hand. Don’t waste your time trying to fix every niggling problem on every car; do the work on the RO and move on or you’re going to sacrifice lots of pay to tail-chasing, plain and simple. That said, don’t give up your joie de vivre that makes working next to you fun, be it at home or at work. Productivity and attention are interrelated, you know.

Pisces: Write big tickets this month. This is the time when big discretionary jobs start coming back in, putting you way in the black for December. Don’t get too big for your britches; make sure you’ve got the current job locked down before you step on someone’s neck for the next one. You have great potential. but unrealized potential is the diplomatic term for wasted talent.

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