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The worst cars are the best classrooms

In my line of work it helps if you like cars. It helps even more if you love ‘em. Which I do, and far more than they deserve to be loved as inanimate objects. That misplaced affection—along with the fact that I bore easily—also helps explain why I’ve had so many....

What are the sockets and wrenches you can do without?

I was standing in the Dorman Proving Grounds the other day talking to Nick and Luke, both of whom wrench and appear in our videos. We got on the topic of sockets and wrenches we don’t use much. “20 millimeter,” Luke said. Nick’s 9mm socket wasn’t getting much use....

The surreal appeal of steel wheels

By some estimations, steel wheels should have faded into obscurity about two decades ago. That’s based solely on my highly unscientific and not-at-all-researched memory of when the used hub cap shop in Downers Grove, Illinois, closed its doors for good. Nothing left...

Seven tips to help you pass your ASE exams

If you’re reading this, you know what the ASE exams are, so I won’t bore you with a recap. I took a few ASE exams recently. Some were recertification exams and some were fresh certifications, but boy, hasn’t this process changed? When I first started taking these...

What are your least favorite repair jobs? (VIDEO)

Description Life can't all be brake jobs and pre-delivery inspections. Beating time is the name of the game, but it doesn't always work out. Watch as a few Dorman mechanics talk about the jobs that make more sweat than bread in this video.

What’s the next big powerplant fad?

What’s the next big powerplant fad?

Some engine styles aren’t always in fashion, you know. As technology stamps its way down the path of progress, things change, and what worked yesterday doesn’t always work today. Engines were fairly staid for a long time, and depending on when your life started, what...
How long should a car last?

How long should a car last?

Have you priced a car recently? The Monroney sticker on every car has a bigger number at the bottom each year, but since COVID-19 disrupted supply chains, it seems that prices have really gone haywire. According to Lendingtree, the average car loan is 69.7 months in...
Can we please update the Check Engine light?

Can we please update the Check Engine light?

If you have a cell phone in your pocket, your “phone” app probably has an icon that looks like an old-timey handset, like you’d find on a corded phone. That icon, of course, works best for those who understand that link. However, more often I am seeing an icon which...