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Trailer bearings: a hidden moneymaker for auto repair shops

You already can see where I’m going with this based on the title. Trailers are the simplest things in the world, and yet unless you’re at an RV shop, a dedicated trailer shop, or you live in a rural or coastal area (ag and marine use), you probably rarely see trailers...

What it’s like being a new tech in 2022 (VIDEO)

Torque specs. Electronics diagnostics. Foreign automobiles. 12V electrical systems. TPMS sensors. Disc brakes. 0W16 oil. All of the aforementioned technologies were changes that occurred in the automotive industry that changed the business and altered what techs...

It’s time to stop salting the roads

  I was just thinking today that my “fun vehicle” window is closing soon; this is the period of the year where I’ll drive or ride anything I own. Old vehicles don’t stand a chance in the salt belt. Anyone I know who has anything nice keeps it far away from...

Nine notable “cars” that aren’t cars

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of Polaris Slingshots on the road. OK, not a ton of them, but I do take notice of them when I see them. Usually it makes me think, “What is the deal with those things? Are they cars or not?” When I looked into it, I discovered there...

The fastest way to remove valves from a cylinder head (VIDEO)

by | Apr 28, 2022

Removing valves from a cylinder head should be done carefully if you have a notion to reuse the valves, springs, collars, and keepers. A spring compressor is the right tool for the job.

That said, in my salvage yard days, I learned a trick I still use today if I’m stripping a head for scrap. It’s the fastest method in the world, hands down. I’m not gonna say I’ve never pulled this trick on a customer car, but I will say I don’t use it often nowadays.

  1. Pull the head and the cam(s) if it’s an overhead cam engine. Set the head on a non-marring surface with the valve stems pointed up.
  2. Select a socket with an OD that’s a little smaller than the OD of one of the valve keepers.
  3. Flip the socket’s open end onto the keeper and whack the end with a deadblow hammer.
  4. Lift the socket up carefully, collect the keepers, collar, and spring. Lift the head and fish the valve out of the combustion chamber. (Keep ‘em together and labeled if you’re gonna put these parts back into the head or you’re lapping valves.)

If you’re quick and you’re not worried about retaining parts, you can strip down a four-valve four-cylinder head in under a minute. Watch your hands and peepers!

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