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Snap-on to expand Tennessee manufacturing plant

Snap-on recently announced that they will invest $44 million to expand their manufacturing operations in Elizabethton, Tennessee, according to a press release from the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development. This investment will add nearly 49,000...

Tire service tips (that aren’t just for new technicians)

Recently I had occasion to watch the following video from Dorman Training Manager (and ASE Master Tech) Pete Meier:I was fortunate enough to be there live and talk to Pete after he was done shooting, and this video really stuck with me. If you think about it, the...


Description The Proving Grounds crew takes on another round The Mystery Box Challenge with new parts and a few new faces. Could you guess these auto parts simply by the way they feel? It’s more difficult than it looks.

Don’t let your scanner go unprotected

This article is a quick reminder to buy (and use!) a surge protector on your (or your shop’s) scan tool(s). The modern vehicle scanner has WiFi, a screen, and touch input. It is, for all intents and purposes, a computer, and it doesn’t like “dirty” power. Protect it...

Give your customers extra grease

I’ve mentioned the easy business you can score by offering to perform trailer service for customers that pull. When doing a job not long ago, someone asked me why I was adding lubricant to the dust caps. It’s a fair question. When getting into bearings, I know I’m...

The fastest way to remove valves from a cylinder head (VIDEO)

by | Apr 28, 2022

Removing valves from a cylinder head should be done carefully if you have a notion to reuse the valves, springs, collars, and keepers. A spring compressor is the right tool for the job.

That said, in my salvage yard days, I learned a trick I still use today if I’m stripping a head for scrap. It’s the fastest method in the world, hands down. I’m not gonna say I’ve never pulled this trick on a customer car, but I will say I don’t use it often nowadays.

  1. Pull the head and the cam(s) if it’s an overhead cam engine. Set the head on a non-marring surface with the valve stems pointed up.
  2. Select a socket with an OD that’s a little smaller than the OD of one of the valve keepers.
  3. Flip the socket’s open end onto the keeper and whack the end with a deadblow hammer.
  4. Lift the socket up carefully, collect the keepers, collar, and spring. Lift the head and fish the valve out of the combustion chamber. (Keep ‘em together and labeled if you’re gonna put these parts back into the head or you’re lapping valves.)

If you’re quick and you’re not worried about retaining parts, you can strip down a four-valve four-cylinder head in under a minute. Watch your hands and peepers!

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