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Nine notable “cars” that aren’t cars

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of Polaris Slingshots on the road. OK, not a ton of them, but I do take notice of them when I see them. Usually it makes me think, “What is the deal with those things? Are they cars or not?” When I looked into it, I discovered there...

Tool review: Milwaukee M18 Tire Inflator

Disclaimer: I purchased this tool at full retail price. I do have a cousin who works at Milwaukee Tool, but he stopped getting me discounts on stuff years ago. Have you switched (or are you switching) to electric tools from air? If so, you’re aware that choosing is...

PSA: Your customers are probably parking incorrectly

It’s hard to tell someone they do something as basic as parking their car incorrectly. But I’m a charismatic guy, and I like a challenge, so I do this with customers and have for a long time. Why? Because the commonly accepted way of parking a car is pretty dangerous....


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Is it OK to plug a tire? (VIDEO)

Is it OK to plug a tire? (VIDEO)

Some sources say you should never, ever plug a tire … despite the fact that trained professionals have been doing it for decades. We debate.

Godspeed, Pat

Godspeed, Pat

Pat Goss, arguably America’s most famous mechanic, has died.