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Two A/C checks you don’t wanna skip

If you’ve already invested in RRR (recovery/recycle/recharge) machine equipment necessary to service vehicles with R1234yf, you may have also already learned that performing a refrigerant identification test prior to recovering what is in the customer’s vehicle is...

Five tips for servicing cartridge-style oil filters

The oil change is supposed to be simple, right? And while the service guide is always your guide, there are a few things that pertain to servicing vehicles equipped with cartridge-style oil filters that aren't always covered as well as they could be. Here's a few tips...

How to install a brake cable slack eliminator (VIDEO)

Description If your parking brake is weak or not working at all, a stretched cable is usually the issue. The Dorman 03006 parking brake slack eliminator is a quick and easy way to restore brake function.Related Videos

The cheapest tool you can buy to turn more hours in a dead bay

I feel silly admitting it, but I didn’t know what a breaker bar adapter was for a long time. When I learned what it was and what it does, I immediately thought that the tool was useless. Then I changed my mind. Lemme tell you why. Just in case you don’t know what a...


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