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Gas vs. diesel (VIDEO)

Is there an ideal fuel for an ICE these days? Use case is everything, of course. Nick and Lem sat down to give some thoughts on the go-juice each prefers to burn, and while they might not agree on everything, neither of them seems real fond of the prices hitting the...

Rats increasingly causing more car repairs, says New York Times

If you’ve noticed more customers coming in with chewed wires and chicken bones in their engine bay, you’re apparently not alone. The New York Times published an article today on a reported rise of rats in cars causing all sorts of mayhem, from cutting wires to leaving...

Is that catalytic converter actually bad? (VIDEO)

Diagnosing a catalytic converter isn't always the most straightforward process simply because it's so far downstream from other parts that affect its operation. You might watch this video and say, "Of course!", but not every technician has been given the proper...

5 surprising facts from the 2023 Auto Care Association Factbook

For more than three decades now, the Auto Care Association, the leading trade association for the automotive aftermarket, has released a massive trove of data called the Auto Care Factbook. It’s intended to provide a sweeping overview of what’s happening across the...

What do techs recommend for a “car crate?”

Many drivers on the road have what I call “car crates” or “car boxes”: the milk crate or cardboard box you keep in your car for auto needs. As a rather non-mechanically inclined individual, I have one in my car, which is primarily made up of things I use fairly...

RIP iPod, the best way to listen to music in your car, maybe ever

The news came out recently that Apple is no longer manufacturing the iPod Touch, the last remaining model of a piece of technology once as ubiquitous as smartphones are today. I must admit it made me feel extremely nostalgic, because the iPod was possibly the best way...

VIDEO: (Spoiler within) Crimp or solder?

The spoiler here is that Nick and Lem don't solder much at all, so if you're not a die-hard crimp aficionado, this might not be your favorite video. They’re pretty different mechanics working on very different items most of the time, but this is an area where the guys...


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7 low-tech tips to help bleed difficult brakes

7 low-tech tips to help bleed difficult brakes

Bleeding brakes is one of those jobs most of us know how to do, but when a hard-to-bleed system pops up, experienced techs have a few additional tricks up their sleeves to help get the job done.