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Are automakers starting to rethink OTA microtransactions?

Over a year ago, I wrote a piece on this very media hub about the trend of auto manufacturers offering customers over-the-air (OTA) microtransactions to unlock options on their vehicles. I talked about what Tesla, BMW, VW, and Kia had introduced in that area, and...

Ten (sort of serious) questions every service writer should ask

At its core, writing service is information synthesis—collect, sort, simplify, regurgitate, repeat. Obtaining the raw information from techs and customers alike relies on prompts, usually in the form of a question. The correct question asked at the correct time pays...

Several tips to make brake line removal less of a headache

“Got a seven-foot section of brake line out without dropping the tank, cutting the line, or ruining a fitting. Today was a good day.” I sent that text to a friend of mine the other day. In a past life he was a wrench at a Cadillac dealer, so I think he sort of...